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Christos Papadopoulos
CEO & Owner

Christos holds a bachelor of Economics from Athens University of Economics and Business. He has been working in the informatics field for more than 20 years. His professional interests focus on Business Intelligence and Performance Management. In his free time, he is always trying to read something new and find out how technology can be used in order to help society become a better place.

Stelios Genouzos
Managing Partner

18+ years of experience in professional services delivering end to end solutions on the business intelligence industry. Excellent understanding of the latest technology trends in the world with an ability to apply them his territory. Knowledge of local and neighboring areas and a member of a strong networking team that offers vital inputs on business development. 

Eleni Theodoridou
Director of Professional Services

Eleni holds a bachelor degree in Applied Informatics Management & Finance. She has been working in the informatics field for more than 10 years. She has worked in the implementation and integration of multiple BI projects and she is responsible for the Professional Services team since 2017. Eleni loves to practice yoga and pilates in her free time.

Stefanos Tsolakidis
Sales & Alliances Director

Stefanos holds a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and a master in International Business Management. He has worked for more than 10 years in the Business Intelligence sector, assisting organizations to take the most out of BI technology. He follows the latest trends with extreme interest and he is a guest columnist for the press, quite often. When he is not reading something new, he spends his free time with his family. 

Stefanos Mandalos
Account Manager

Stefanos holds a MSc Degree in Telecommunications. He has over 18 years of experience in sales in various positions and companies. Started his career as a presales consultant, but soon switched to sales. He has worked in both Telecom and IT integrators. Stefanos joined WITSIDE 4 years ago. Every time he has the chance, he likes to travel abroad and meet new places.

Mary Christopoulou
Account Manager

Mary acquired a Bachelor of Classics from the University of Ioannina, with an MBA from the Open University of Athens. She has a long-term experience in business software sales. Her professional interests focus on the way BI tools can amplify and maximize employees’ efficiency. She loves nature, exercise and reading. In her free time, she is doing mountaineering, reading literature and going at the theater. Mary also offers volunteer work to Smile of the Child and other organizations.

Myriam Sarantea
Business Intelligence Consultant

Myriam holds the Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, since 2016. In 2017, after some years of experience in the information systems support, she made her first working steps in the Business Intelligence industry by joining the WITSIDE team. Since then, working as a BI consultant has given her the opportunity to participate in various projects and develop a strong professional background in business development.

Andromachi Orfanidou
Business Development Representative

Andromachi is graduating from the Department of International and European Economic Studies of Athens University of Economics and Business. She adores market analysis and entrepreneurship from a more consulting and holistic understanding. When not at work, one day you may find her climbing mountains and the other organizing local communities as she is interested in any aspect of life.

Yiannis Simantirakis
Business Intelligence Consultant

Giannis holds a Diploma (BSc), in Computer Science & Informatics and a Master of Science (MSc) in Advanced Information Systems. He is a member of the WITSIDE team from early 2017 as a BI Consultant. His main responsibility is the development of custom solutions based on Qlik products. He is passionate about new technologies, innovative ideas in computer science and technology.

Angelos Matakiadis
Business Intelligence Consultant

Angelos holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science, since 2006. With over 8 years as a BI consultant, he manages to combine his interest in information systems with business logic. At 2017 he switched to WITSIDE team. Also, a passionate photographer, believing that it’s more important to click with people, than to click the shutter.

Thanasis Grammatikas
Business Intelligence Consultant

Thanasis holds a degree in Mathematics together with MSc in Applied Economics & Finance. In 2016 began his IT career working as ETL developer from the agency's side. Developed various mappings to perform ETL of source data into the data warehouses and coordinated with source systems owners with day-to-day ETL progress monitoring. Joined WITSIDE in 2017 and since then tries to develop optimized BI solutions along with ML algorithms. At the time he's not dealing with data usually finds himself in basketball courts.  

Konstantina Gkioka
Data Analytics Engineer

Konstantina studied Mathematics in University of Athens and holds a MSc degree in Business Administration, Analytics and Information Systems. She is passionate about statistics along with data science/data analytics and uncovering findings from data. So, with great enthusiasm became a member of WITSIDE family as a data Analytics Engineer. In her free time, she loves doing outdoor activities or traveling and as a nature admirer gets inspiration and harmony from that.

Katerina Soupitsi
Finance & Operations Manager

Katerina holds a bachelor degree in the field of Economics and Business, specifically in the Department of Industrial Management and Technology, University of Piraeus. She has been working at WITSIDE since November of 2016. While studying, she worked with children for four years and this enforces the fact that she is a family lover and independent as well. Trying new hobbies and learning foreign languages, is attractive for her when having some free time, but above all, she is and will always remain passionate about travelling. 

Kleopatra Mai
Marketing & PR Manager

Kleopatra holds a bachelor degree in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business, a dream she had, since her student years. She is passionate about catching up with new marketing trends and reading books. In her free time, she loves to practice aerial silks.