Our passion for a better world knows no boundaries. We dare to dream and experiment with new technologies to help people’s lives. We have a multidisciplinary team of scientists with deep knowledge, excellent experience and strong solidarity feeling.



95% Bachelor Degree Holders

42% Post Graduate Students & Master Holders

5% Ph.D. Holders


Innovation permeates the entire operation of WITSIDE. To achieve this, we:

  • Encourage curiosity and provide the freedom to develop new ideas
  • Catch up with technology trends around the world in order to adopt the latest data tools
  • Constantly looking for new applications of existing technologies and ways to implement those in our markets of interest
  • Invest in education and diffusion of knowledge inside and outside WITSIDE
  • Conduct research in promising areas aiming to develop innovative applications


As part of our research activity, we work with leading companies, universities, research centers and partners from Greece and aboard. We build trusting relationships that help us enrich our solutions portfolio with innovative ideas.

Among our projects, we have implemented applications in the field of Data Management, Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics fitting our wide range of activities. A special place is occupied by the ongoing research program called AI PathoLab, funded by EYDE-ETAK, aiming to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to automate the diagnosis of histological examinations.

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