We are a Data Analytics Agency. A leading solution provider in Augmented Intelligence, Data Analytics & Performance Management operating in Western Balkans, Greece, Cyprus & Malta.

A group of tech enthusiasts gathered together dedicated to delivering the most efficient solutions in Data Analytics. Our expertise lies among the data science field. We are a one-stop shop that takes care of your data, from birth to their final destination. We offer a holistic data analytics services package. From raw data to actionable insights. Over the years, we have contributed to the integration of numerous BI projects, in Greece and aboard. We are both happy and proud to have worked with 7 out of the 10 biggest companies in Greece, according to their turnover. Our hard work and efficiency have appointed WITSIDE as one of the leaders in the Business Intelligence sector. However, we are not planning to stop here, we are expanding our services daily bringing new possibilities to our partners.

Since our foundation in 2010, we have been moving at an annual growth rate of 18% and we are constantly expanding our presence in Greece and abroad. Our solutions have helped people to simplify their work routine in a friendly and convenient way. Thus, our clients have become our most passionate ambassadors

We are WITSIDE, your Data Analytics Partner!

We support companies in confronting the huge and constantly growing data piles. We are here to help you define your data management strategy and stick to it. WITSIDE offers the “one version of truth”. Our analytics approach assists employees in the same organization have “one version of truth”, thanks to the ability of instant reporting across multiple data sources. Thus, we bridge the information gap between departments, employees, managers, and directors. Discover the magic of "One Version of Truth". 

What “one version of truth” means?

Recently, having the same version of truth was considered impossible. However, the need for one version of truth has been more than essential across companies. Speaking in the same language was always a strong desire, solved by the entrance and establishment of data analytics. The right data exploitation accomplished the impossible, to give companies the ability to understand and speak the same across the whole enterprise. Thus, employees from different departments and background were able to sit at the same table and understand each other.

That’s why we insist on helping you have one version of truth. We recognize the benefits across the organization and we fight for spreading it! Having “One Version of Truth” will help you:

  • Get rid of the “The Tower of the Babel Syndrome”
  • Save time and money
  • Help your employees perform best
  • Increase productivity


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