Our Story

Founded on October of 2010, as QlikView Hellas with a “naive” back then dream to dominate the Data Analytics market. Our first activity was to officially distribute Qlik Platform in Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. From the very first days of our operation Greek, Cyprian and Maltese markets embraced our efforts and recognized the superiority of Qlik.

Since our founding, we realized the rapidly growing importance of data for organizations. Confident for our work and capabilities, we decided to expand our services in new, data-related sectors. It may have seemed too short, but the information field is constantly moving, leaving no space for vegetation. Thus, we moved from software selling to data management and BI consultancy. Helping companies manage, organize and plan their data strategy established our team, as one of the leaders in the business intelligence sector.

In 2016, QlikView Hellas was renamed after WITSIDE, expanding our services to performance management by adding Bizview platform to our portfolio. Later, Alteryx, a leading predictive performance platform was added to our product portfolio. Our new brand name is here to signal the beginning of a new era full of challenges and progress.

And that’s how it happened. 2017 has been an amazing year for WITSIDE. As a result, 7 new countries were added to our catchment, giving us the chance to explore new markets, projects and people. Now, we are the Master Reseller for Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia.  And the best is yet to come…

Meet our Mentality

Our approach and rationale are to constantly seek for the smartest and easiest way to do things. We are hard workers, but we do not waste any time in unnecessary processes. We want to solve hard problems, not to create new ones. That’s why, we provide smart solutions that help organizations simplify their work routines by exploiting new technological possibilities.

WITSIDE is the name of the world we are dreaming of creating. A place where smartness and simplicity dominate. A safe space strengthening organizations’ knowledge and responsiveness. We are looking in the wit side of technology and we are trying to humanize this fast-moving field.

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