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Databricks is a unified, open analytics platform for building, deploying, sharing, and maintaining enterprise-grade data, analytics, and AI solutions at scale.


Users leverage Databricks to handle data processing, analytics, and machine learning tasks, as well as to build and deploy data engineering workflows, analytics dashboards, and more. The platform offers a unified interface, supporting various data operations, including data processing, SQL, visualization, ingestion, security, governance, and machine learning modeling. Databricks is known for its commitment to open-source projects and also provides proprietary tools for enhanced performance and usability. It collaborates with cloud providers like AWS to facilitate data management without migration. Databricks serves a wide range of use cases, from building data lakehouses to ETL and data engineering, machine learning, data warehousing, analytics, and data governance. It simplifies DevOps, CI/CD, and task orchestration and supports real-time and streaming analytics with technologies like Apache Spark and Delta Lake.

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