Data Literacy Masterclass
Maria N.
Tuesday, 5 May, 2020

Working with data has always been a challenge. While most organizations understand the opportunity of data, a gap has emerged between business aspirations to be data-driven, and employee's ability to work with data.

Data Literacy Masterclass is designed to help people gain an understanding of data literacy and culture, learn about these concepts and their roles in today's world of data. This masterclass is modular in design and is intended for business professionals who work at the intersection of business and IT and are involved in their (future) function in BI & Analytics projects or BI & Analytics management. These classes are especially suitable for (BI / IT) consultants, business analysts, managers, and advisers whom are dealing with the implementation and further rollout of BI & Analytics within their organizations.

The Data Literacy Masterclass is designed and will be executed by Angelika Klidas, an experienced data evangelist. Angelika has worked for a long time within the Data Evangelist world, as a manager. She stands out in concept thinking and takes the ambitions of organizations and departments always into account. As a Strategic Advisor she thoroughly analyses BI & Analytics environments, maps ambitions of the organizations and delivers a cutting-edge advice which organizations can use to mature in data. Two or her main phrases -which you can hear her say often- are “BI & Analytics is for everyone” and “think big, act small and scale fast”. Inspiring organizations and people to grow in Business Intelligence & Analytics maturity is part of her every week work.

You can find more info about the masterclass here

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