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Maria N.
Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

The insurance industry is currently on the verge of a seismic tech-driven shift. Artificial Intelligence becomes more deeply integrated and reshapes claims, distribution, underwriting, and pricing. There is already a proven track record of successful AI projects with significant ROI, even in the local market. Therefore, the question is not anymore about whether AI Investments pay off and when, but how an AI investment could scale and be utilized by the majority of business users, with no IT or data science background!

TAZI is a next-generation automated machine learning (auto-ML) platform, built to democratize AI and bring its benefits to business users with its extremely easy-to-use, no-code approach. It is already well trusted as a leading AI provider in the insurance sector globally (Groupama, Allianz, HDI, PEMCO, etc).

WITSIDE is a leading data analytics integrator with a portfolio of more than 350 active Clients and a TAZI master reseller for Greece & Cyprus. Contact us now to learn more about maximizing the ROI from an AI investment and book a TAZI demo in one of the below use cases:

  • Auto Insurance – Profitability And Growth Detection
  • Life Insurance – Churn Prediction
  • Auto Insurance – Claims Prediction

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