Get an inside look at top strategies for using data to transform retail.
Friday, 13 September, 2019


When disruption is nonstop, how do you compete ― and thrive? Digital Transformation is a must, and data is at the heart of it. To pull ahead of the pack, stay in front of the trends, and keep pushing innovation further, you have to consistently reinvent your business ― fast ― with a modern approach to data.

How are your peers succeeding? What role do AI, machine learning, and data literacy play in their transformation journey? Where will emerging trends take us next?

Our partner Qlik® presents The DX Files ― a webinar series exploring the most successful ways businesses are using data to achieve transformative outcomes. You’ll get the big picture from Forrester, and analytics experts from Luxottica, Benjamin Moore and Cognizant will reveal how they’re unlocking transformative insights.

Find out how these leading organizations are navigating industry trends, leveraging insights to improve outcomes, using emerging technologies such as AI, working to increase data literacy in their workforces, and shifting to a data-driven culture.

We invite you to unlock the mysteries of Digital Transformation. Watch Now! 

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