Covid-19 in Greece
Tuesday, 17 March, 2020

Instead of commenting on current news about Covid-19,  we have gathered and presented all data about cases in Greece, Google searches and sales of two product categories that record the largest increase since the first Covid-19 case in Greece. 

The graph depicts the correlation between cases, consumers' digital behavior, and the market. 
The initial reaction and the restriction of the disease in Greece, the first regulations and the cancellation of carnival events, the dead calm period, and the newest, but greatest reaction following the expansion of the disease and the reinforcement of protection regulations. You can navigate yourself through these updates in our graph powered by Qlik platform. 

  • Covid-19 cases are based on Health Ministry announcements
  • Sales data comes from real data analysis and estimations processed by our team. 
    • The "Food" category includes long-life products (pasta, legumes, rice, frozen, canned, flour, oil, sugar)
    • The "Cleaners" category includes cleaning and personal care products, disinfectants and sanitary products. 
  • Google trends come from Google and refer to searches for the following keywords: Covid-19, κορονοιος, κοροναιος, coronavirus, Κορωνοϊός. 


  • On 26/02/2020 the first Covid-19 patient was diagnosed in Greece. On 5/03/2020, an outbreak from 9 to 31 cases happened. On 12/03/2020 the first death of Covid-19 confirmed, while patients reached 117. 
  • For better understanding, we need to consider that on 2/03/2020 we celebrated the Clean Monday when all supermarkets stayed closed. 


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