Automating demand planning & replenishment: Challenges, solutions and best practices -The successful case of Coral innovations
Wednesday, 1 March, 2023

What is this event about? 

WITSIDE organizes a free one-hour webinar to focus on the deployment of a Demand Planning and Inventory Replenishment solution for Coral Innovations S.A, a member of the Motor Oil Group. 

Covered Topics:  

>Intelligent Demand Planning as a prerequisite for an efficient supply chain

>Behind the Scenes: Coral’s successful implementation journey:  

-The planner’s (customer’s) point of view 

-The integrator’s point of view 

Who is this event for? 

Supply chain professionals | Production planning Executives | Sales and Operations Executives | Digital Transformation professionals 

Why should I attend? 

Join this webinar to learn how to successfully transform your supply chain to drive growth, mitigate risks and optimize costs. In particular, we’ll discuss how to improve demand forecasting accuracy and automate your replenishment processes. 

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