AI in Action: The Qlik Analytics Tour
Maria N.
Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

AI in Action: The Qlik Analytics Tour was successfully organized by WITSIDE. Once again, WITSIDE held the Qlik Analytics Roadshow in Greece. Conference’s main pillar was the integration of AI technology into analytics.

The event began with a greeting from Christos Papadopoulos, CEO of WITSIDE, who presented the latest trends, company's progress and WITSIDE entrance into the Augmented Analytics field. Then, Tuna Yemisci, Regional Director of Qlik, talked about the latest additions to Qlik platform, the 3rd generation of BI, the integration of AI features in Qlik and the democratization of data. Asimina Panagiotopoulou, WITSIDE's BI Engineer, in a live Qlik Sense demo, showed how all new features of Qlik are being used practically, with audience getting excited about Insight Bot.

Ralph Ginziger, COO of HiCo, spoke about trueChart, an extension of Qlik platform. Maria Manta, Senior Project Manager of INTRALOT, had a really interesting presentation about the adoption of Qlik Sense platform by the organization and all the benefits INTRALOT has gained from it.  Later, Vangelis Karalis CEO of QIVOS, developed the role of analytics in Retail, highlighting which KPIs an organization should monitor in the retail industry through a real life example. After the break, Dimitris Makalias and Zisis Roumbos entertained the audience with a short, comic and interactive act. Then, for the first time in Greece, Bradley Flemming & Larry Shertz presented Attunity, a division of Qlik. Babis Charalambous, Head of IT at VICTUS, briefed the public on the use of analytics in the telecommunications sector and the way Qlik helped VICTUS to discover insights from raw data. Pizza Fan and Angelina Delli, Head of Marketing, spoke about their award-winning Qlik experience and all the differences they have experienced within just one year of use. Finally, Stefanos Tsolakidis, WITSIDE's Sales & Alliances Director and Makis Zimianitis, Logistics Engineer Director of Synergy, presented WiTable, an extension of Qlik Sense that allows new data to be added to Qlik's tables through the UI.

The event ended with a few questions and the regular Network Lunch.

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