Data Science

Our world is now measured, mapped, and recorded in digital bits. Entire lives, from birth to death, are now cataloged in the digital realm. These data, originating from such diverse sources as connected vehicles, underwater microscopic cameras, and photos we post to social media, have propelled us into the greatest age of discovery humanity has ever known. It is through DS that we are unlocking the secrets hidden within these data. We are making discoveries that will forever change how we live and interact with the world around us. The impact of these changes is having a profound effect on humanity. We have propelled ourselves into this age of discovery through our incremental technological improvements. DS has become the catalyzing force behind our next evolutionary leap.

As we move into this new future, it is clearer than ever, that businesses must adjust to these changes or risk being left behind. From influencing retail markets, to setting public health and safety policies, or to addressing social unrest, organizations of all types are generating value through DS. Data is our new currency and DS is the mechanism by which we tap into it. A new class of practitioners and leaders are needed to navigate this new future. Data Scientists are our guides on this journey as they are creating radical new ways of thinking about data and the world around us.

At WITSIDE, we have assembled a team of super-skilled professionals who can process tons of data and use any technique to solve complex business problems. They combine capabilities on various DS techniques (time series, machine learning, deep learning, operations research & statistical analysis, etc.) with the ability to communicate effectively, analyze the root causes and synthesize the best possible solutions.


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