Support & Maintenance

WITSIDE Support & Maintenance provides a wide range of support & maintenance options to help our customers and partners succeed. Your resource for all technical support & maintenance, including:

  • Installation
  • Server administration
  • Functions & API
  • Performance optimization
  • License upgrade

More specifically, WITSIDE Support Department can help you with issues related to:

  • Installation: Issues related to standard installation of products, installation services are not provided.
  • Licenses: If you are having trouble registering your software, we will help you solve the problem.
  • Note: Support Group cannot modify, renew, create or issue licenses.
  • Qlik Functions & API: If they do not work as designed or as specified in the Qlik API guide.
  • Performance: If the platform does not work as designed or as expected, according to instructions.

Support is exempt from the following:

  • Macros - beyond those contained in the Qlik API guide.
  • VBScript or JScript.
  • Design or development of applications, macro-commands, scripts and / or files.
  • The environment in which Qlik is installed.

WITSIDE Support Application Submission Guidelines

You should always complete the Support Form with the following information at any request for support:

1. The 16-digit (16) license code for the Qlik installation.
2. Full technical information
3. A complete, detailed and clear description of the problem we are asked to encounter, as well as some steps to reproduce any errors.
4. Additional adjuvant, e.g. Qlik document, log files, screenshots, videos, etc.
5. For Qlik Serverand / or Qlik Publisher, please include always Qlik log files.
6. For Qlik Desktop, please also send the Document file Support Information Sheet (Ctrl + Shift + Q).

Useful tips

  • One pdf manual is included in each installation package and you can find it in the directory ... Qlik \ Documentation.
  • Your question or problem is not covered under support? Contact with the account manager, who will take care of someone's help consultant. If you do not know who it is, contact us at 210 9760820. Are not you sure where you can find a copy of the Qlik manual?
  • There is an online community that can be accessed for free any Qlik user. View in QlikCommunity the Discussion forums, blogs, resources etc


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