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A word class performance management platform that can be used on top of a variety of data sources.  One of the most modern platforms in the world for planning, reporting, analytics and dashboards. You can access and work with BizView from where you want, whenever you want and almost on any type of interface. The entire organization can quickly adjust and fine-tune their forecasts and plans. 

Performance management at its best 

Take control of all corporate activities with ease and convenience. Start from step zero, by deciding the metrics best aligned with your needs and go as far as you wish. With Bizview, you are the creator of your own performance strategy.

Access valuable knowledge instantly

Forget all about sharing files via e-mails and losing track of them. Now, everyone has access to relevant knowledge, anywhere and anytime, by just entering the web-based Bizview platform. As simple as it gets.

Help your team grow and glow

Boost your team’s productivity by providing them with the best tools. Minimize the effort and time needed for daily work tasks. Improve the workflow by standardizing vague procedures. Simplify necessary tasks for your organization and let your employees glow in more creative assignments.

BizView Technology

BizView has invested in new technology over the last years. Thus, it has managed to become a fully HTML5 SPA application (single page application). While, other competitive products use 15-20 year old server web-based technology. Meaning that BizView is built for the future, already!
The new technology enables a fast and responsive user interface in the browser or in ‘app-mode’ on the mobile phone. The new intuitive left-side menu system makes navigation easier and utilizes the screen better. The right-side collapsible pane is used consistently through the system and contains everything from instructions, bookmarks, comments, settings and much more, all depending on the situation and context. 

Embed BizView Everywhere

The HTML5 technology has enabled BizView to become an open system easy to combine with other systems and solutions, a really important feature. Just click the button “Share” and you’ll get a link or HTML-code snippet that can easily be embedded in other solutions, such as other systems, web pages or different cloud solutions. 
Qlik Sense embedded within BizView
In connection with the release of version 8, we will also release the brand new BizView QlikSense Extension. The extension makes it possible to embed BizView, or parts of BizView, seamlessly within QlikSense. For example, different types of BizView planning forms such as budget or forecast forms.
Or so-called grid forms for master data management or editing of other data. The new extension gives the end-user the capability to within QlikSense work with both advanced data visualization in combination with BizView planning.

BizView Services

Forecast and Budget

Quickly respond to changes in the business environment and fast implement actions in the organization. Work effectively with all types of performance management – budgets, forecasts, simulations and plans. BizView makes it fun and easy for employees to contribute to important data and information in the planning process.

Report and Analysis

BizView Reporting and analysis make important information easily accessible to decision makers at all levels. Provide decision makers with the power to analyse important business data, understand trends, and make better decisions. Everything available in BizView through their web-browser.


BizView Dashboard enables organizations to visualize key performance indicators and trends with stunning graphics. Easily create attractive dashboards visualizing your defined strategic and tactical goals. Only your imagination sets the limits. BizView Dashboard is the foundation for effective performance management of your business.

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